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Little Tibby's tee

Little Tibby's tee

Work never stops in the world of public transport. You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg, therefore sometimes it happens when a bus gets out of order. There’s nothing else to do but to call Tibor, who comes, who sees, and who mends stuff. If there’s no way to repair the failed bus, he tows the vehicle to the service yard with his craned truck. He is always happy to doh is job, with great dedication, which attitude has been honoured with several ’Hero of Labour’ titles. And another title, for the ’Most Beautiful Moustache’ at the harvest ball at the Volán-resort in Balatonvilágos.

Tibor’s smile would disappear, if someone would ruffle his nicely combed moustache. Wash inside-out so this couldn’t happen!

Product number: RABK In stock
Weight: 0.100 kg

Price: 4 000 HUF

Ikarus 66 busz

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