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There were only two examples of the open top MÁVAUT-Ikarus sightseeing bus ever built. The astounding coachwork was designed by László Finta on the base structure of the Ikarus 31. This is the same László Finta we can thank the Ikarus 55/66 and the 200 series for as well. The bravely-designed and unique cabriolets transported lucky tourists between 1963 and 1979. From the two original pieces there’s only one remaining, which was lucky to be transformed into an apiary-truck instead of scrapping. With the hard work of several men for over one and a half year, it is back to it’s original glorious form, so Agnes’s blonde curls can fill the flittered sight of the Danube-bend.

It would be a shame to ruin Agnes’s astonishing hair-do, wouldn’t it? If so, please wash it inside out!


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Price: 4 000 HUF

Ikarus 66 busz

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